As Coronavirus spreads across the country, we’re urging you to make sure you’re prepared for yourself and your employees to work remotely if you need to. It’s been estimated by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that at its peak, Coronavirus will infect 1 in 5 people, meaning some of your workforce is likely to come into contact with or contract the virus

We know that your people and their access to systems, files, folders and data are the core of your business. This is why it’s paramount that you have an effective Business Continuity Plan and IT strategy to ensure your business will not suffer at the peak of the Coronavirus.

We’re here to help you set up your business so you can continue working remotely. Working remotely now is likely to stop the spread of the virus, meaning your employees are less likely to call in sick, which would make it more difficult for your business to continue running efficiently.

What do you need to do?

Recently, the Government has passed legislation ensuring that employers pay staff who are off sick with Coronavirus (both suspected and actual) from their first day off. To try and avoid any of your employees becoming sick, remote working could be the answer.

Here’s a list of resources you could need to ensure your employees can self-isolate and work from home:

  • Internet connectivity at home. Most or all of your employees will already have this, but you will need to check before you can set up remote working.
  • A Virtual Private Network. You may need to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) set up before you’re able to work from home. This is to ensure your employees are all on the same network and have the permissions and access they need.
  • A platform for easy internal communication. Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft Office 365 package and is an instant messaging platform for your employees, making it easy for you to contact whoever you need to even when working remotely.
  • A platform for easy external communication. We use our own 3CX VoIP phone system that not only allows you to work from anywhere using the 3CX app, but it also has video conferencing capabilities and lowers your monthly phone costs.
  • Remote working is made easier with Office 365. Upload all of your files to OneDrive and SharePoint so that all of your emails, contacts, folders, files and data is in one place.
  • Office 365 Backup. We offer Office 365 backup so you know if you’re affected by any app outages that there’s a backup you can work from!
  • Hosted Cloud Desktop Services. Our very own hosted cloud desktop service ‘ClevaCloud’ lets you access your data securely from anywhere and any device. Fully managed, high performing solution from a Microsoft Gold & CompTIA certified partner.

IT Support Whilst Self Isolating

We’ll be here to offer you remote IT Support whilst your business is in isolation. We can also help to set up your business for remote working so you’re ready should you need it. We can also help with your overall IT strategy so you know everything is covered and under control.

Contact us

If you want to know more about how we can help you set up remote working for your business or to ask us how we can support you once you’ve been set up, give our Sales team a call on 03333 448 300 or email [email protected].

Please note: depending on your contract with us, some services outlined in this blog post may be billed on top of your monthly bill.