It’s become a necessity for businesses around the world to set themselves up to work remotely, but this can be tricky or seem unbeneficial if you don’t have correct the systems and processes in place.

Here are 6 benefits to remote working that you need to know:

Cut Costs and Save Money

Saving money is always good when it comes to your business, right? You’ve been cutting costs on your ground rent, electricity, cleaning services and more; but what if we told you we can save you even more…

We now offer a Microsoft Teams Phone System, which means you can use Microsoft Teams as your main phone system as well as the usual file sharing, instant messaging, video and conference calling and more. If you’re already using Microsoft Office, you’ll simply need to purchase an add-on for a small monthly fee and pocket the money you save! If you’re not already using Microsoft Office, give us a call on 03333 448 300 and we can go through how to set you up.

Want to know more?

You can read all about the benefits of the Microsoft Teams Phone System right here.

Make Sure Your Business Stays Secure

It’s more important than ever that your network and systems are up to date and your cyber security is strong. We offer a range of cyber security products and services that can protect and maintain your network including:

  • Server and Desktop Anti-Virus Centrally managed, monitored and maintained, our cloud based Desktop and Server Anti-Virus provides the final layer of protection against threats on your network.
  • Email Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus – Reduce the amount of spam emails you receive by 99%, and protect against advanced email-borne threats including phishing, spear-phishing and malware.
  • Web Security – Our web security products can provide a barrier against dangerous files being downloaded directly from the web, whilst also providing key filtering and reporting information to make your staff more productive.
  • Policies, Procedures and Physical Security – We offer consultancy on other ways to improve your security. From locking network ports down so no unauthorised devices can be connected into the wired LAN, to regularly changing user passwords, through to encrypting and securing your most crucial data on laptops, desktops and servers.

Having all of the above mean spammers and hackers are less likely to be able to penetrate your network and affect your business, even during these uncertain times.

Keep in Touch!

Your customers need regular communication when you’re working remotely. They want to know you’re there for them even when you’re not in an office environment. We’ve made it even easier to keep in contact with your customers and your team with the brand new Teams Phone System!

Increased efficiency, productivity and performance

It has been proven that remote working can increase productivity and the performance of your team. Your employees feel trusted to work independently and reach their goals, which helps to improve their efficiency.

Here at ClevaGroup, our Hosted Desktop service called ClevaCloud allows you to access a remote Windows or non-Windows Desktop from anywhere in the world. The platform enables us to provide customers with enterprise-grade cloud services with predictable performance, scalability and disaster recovery – all at an affordable price point.

We help take away the headache of any cloud migration project by utilising our experienced consultancy and migration teams and by keeping you updated every step of the way. Once you’re all set up, your employees will simply need to do is sign into ClevaCloud to be able to access all of the folders and files they need to work as though they’re in the office.

If you’re after a managed migration to Microsoft Office 365 to use all of their programs to allow for easy remote working, we can help! As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can offer you full Office 365 migration, management and support. From MS Outlook to Office and even Microsoft Teams; we can set up your network and workers so you can work seamlessly.

Personalise your working environment and make it your own

Setting up your home office can be daunting – making sure you have everything you need and access to all systems. We can help get you set up remotely and answer any questions you may have so you never need to worry!

Better work/life balance

Without a long and arduous commute your work/life balance improves. From getting a little longer in bed to not having to sit in traffic, this gives your employees more focus during the day and they’ll be more likely to focus for longer.

We can show you this through detailed call reports, analysis of workflow, wallboards and more so you can see exactly how much productivity soars when working remotely.

Ready, Set, GO!

If you need help finetuning your new processes and getting your business set up to work remotely, give us a call on 03333 448 300 or email us at [email protected] and our specialist Sales teams will be able to get you ready to go!