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Jamie Hassall, Owner and Managing Director of ClevaGroup

Jamie Hassall

Owner and Managing Director

Simon Burpitt, Sales Manager at ClevaGroup

Simon Burpitt

Sales Manager

Michael Glennister, Senior Sales Executive at ClevaGroup

Michael Glennister

Senior Sales Executive

Chris Hassall, Finance and Operations Manager at ClevaGroup

Chris Hassall

Finance & Operations Manager

Chris Farrington, IT Support Manager at ClevaGroup

Chris Farrington

Service Desk Manager

Tom Spearman, Software Developer at ClevaGroup

Tom Spearman

Software Developer

Liam Kelly, Service Desk Engineer at ClevaGroup

Liam Kelly

Service Desk Engineer

Molly Worthington, Service Desk Engineer at ClevaGroup

Molly Worthington

Service Desk Engineer

Jack Stonebridge, Service Desk Engineer at ClevaGroup

Jack Stonebridge

Service Desk Engineer

Laura Flores, Marketing Executive at ClevaGroup

Laura Flores

Marketing Executive

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