Do you ever worry about opening an email full of viruses or clicking a link to an infected website? Now you don’t need to…We now bundle Office 365 together with VadeSecure: Predictive Email Defence.


What does VadeSecure do?

VadeSecure Predictive Email Defence is currently the only native email security solution for Office 365 powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Linking straight to your Office 365, VadeSecure scans every email that lands in your inbox, along with any links within these emails. It then blocks you from accessing any websites that are deemed as suspicious.


What does VadeSecure protect you from?

Time-of-Click Anti Phishing – VadeSecure crawls the URL and page you click on in real-time, follows any redirections and analyses all content on the page you’re visiting – any time you click.

Banner-Based Anti-Spear Phishing – Scans pages for patterns, anomalies and behaviours common in spear phishing emails.

Behavioural Based Anti-Malware – Performs comprehensive analysis of the origin of any links clicked and the context of any emails and attachments to identify any unknown malware without long delays.

Auto and Manual Remediation – Increases threat detection with post-delivery threat remediation. The VadeSecure engine is continuously learning, and will automatically remove any threats from user inboxes.


What does this mean?

Being protected by VadeSecure means that you’re less likely to be attacked by viruses and malware as everything that appears in your inbox is scanned to ensure its security.


Why did we partner with VadeSecure?

VadeSecure protect over 600 million mailboxes for 5000+ customers across 76 countries so have plenty of experience of spotting phishing emails, spear phishing and malware attacks.

Want to hear more about Office 365 and VadeSecure? Call our Sales Team on 03333 448 300 and choose option 2, email [email protected] or fill in this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also check out VadeSecure’s website for more information.