Why the Hosted Phone System? Recruitment agencies are increasingly under pressure to improve efficiency and productivity. In the busy world of business, time is of the essence and in recruitment, well-managed time can be the difference between filling your vacancies or not. Therefore, the phone system that they choose to use is of paramount importance. Recruitment agencies require reliable Managed Telephony systems in order to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re looking to maximise your time, improve productivity and communication, setting up a fully featured Hosted VoIP Phone System is the solution you’re looking for.

The Challenge

In an industry that is under immense pressure to deliver high standards of client service, telephone lines must be clear, available and if lines are unavailable having the ability to leave an urgent message is a must. Clients and candidates need to be able to communicate with their consultant whenever the need arises. Reliability, therefore, must be the foundation of any telephony system in this high-pressure industry.

Recruiters also need a scalable solution, given that they can range in employee size from SMEs through to large enterprise businesses, the telephony solution must cater for all sizes.

Demand changes also mean that regardless of office location or remote working the telephone system must adapt accordingly. Recruiters will also be out of office in client meetings, so calls must have the flexibility to be re-directed to a mobile phone.

Recruiters need accurate reporting tools to determine how consultants KPI’s, including time spent on phone calls. Without crucial reporting information, recruiters can’t ensure productivity.

Call recording is also essential due to the nature of the industry and the need to refer to key notes and conversations. There are a few key requirements that the recruitment industry will depend upon in order to successfully implement a telephone system.

The Solution

Our Hosted 3CX, Managed Telephony service, enables recruiters to generate reports on time spent on the phone and to which candidates/clients. Then, when required, you can run reports or display call stats on data visualisation wallboards.

Call Recording – Recruiters often deal with client and candidate contacts, and call recording for some of these calls could be vital. There are two options for the call recording, all allowing control over what is being recorded, and when.

Presence View –Transferring calls needs to be slick and seamless. The softphone also allows the consultants to identify who is available and prioritise calls as they come in.

Mobile Client – Many consultants are in and out of the office, at meetings with clients. The mobile client would give them full phone system functionality from wherever they have 3G/4G/Wi-Fi signal.

CRM Integration – When certain candidates/clients call into the office, a pop-up on screen enables consultants to answer the phone accordingly.

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