3CX Phone Troubleshooting

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The 3CX phone system supports many different types of handsets, however there are some basic troubleshooting options you have when presented with an issue.

A reset of your phone can resolve the following issues:

  • Handset displaying as “No Service” this can happen when the internet connection has dropped out on the handset and will be renewed with a reboot.
  • Unable to transfer a call to an extension when other transfers are working correctly.
  • Handset appears frozen and is unresponsive.

To perform a reboot please follow the below points

  1. Turn the handset upside down and you will notice network cables going into ports “SW” or “Internet” and “PC”.
  2. Disconnect the network cable going into “SW” or “Internet” and also remove the power cable adapter if you have one.
  3. Reconnect both the “SW” or “Internet” network cable and the power cable if you removed it.
  4. The handset will now reboot and load back to the normal screen, please allow a few minutes for the phone to finish loading the correct settings.


If the issue still persists contact our support team at ClevaGroup for assistance.


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