Installing The 3CX Client For Android

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System Requirements

The 3CX client for Android is supported on the following Android versions:

  • Android 4.X and higher


Installing and Configuring The 3CX Client for Android

  1. Go to Google Play Store, and search for 3CX”.
  2. Select the latest version of 3CX”. This version requires 3CX Phone System v14 or v15. Important: In order to update your 3CX Client for Android from v12.5 and prior you will have to uninstall the old app and re-install the new version.
  3. Tap Install” and “Accept” for the application rights. The 3CX client for Android will be downloaded and the installation procedure will begin.
  4. Once the installation is completed you will have to Agree” with the Licence Agreement.
  5. A message will appear confirming that your 3CX client for Android has been installed. Follow the instructions provided in the configuration wizard.
  6. To configure the client, tap on the configuration file attached to the 3CX Welcome Email (please refer to note).
  7. Once configuration is complete the Available status on the left upper corner of the Client and On Hook in the dial screen will be activated thus indicating that the 3CX Client for Android is ready for use.

Note: The 3CX Welcome Email was sent to you when your extension was created by ClevaGroup. If you cannot find it, please ask ClevaGroup to resend it.

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